Finding Black Joy Amidst the Depravity of a Culture of White Supremacy

In America, there is a reality that must be reckoned with: There are a lot of White folk have no limits to how far they will go to ensure White supremacy. While not surprising, it is astonishing to watch the limitless depravity of whiteness and the fierce defense of its stranglehold on the American experiment. James Baldwin wrote, “For the horrors of the American Negro’s life there has almost been no language.” I contend, there is almost no language to describe the depravity of the thirst White people…

Black Bodies and America: A Perpetual Nightmare. Part 1 To Breathe or Not to Breathe

In 1963, Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered one of the most inspirational speeches in human history. He poetically declared and expounded upon the phrase I Have A Dream. In response to King’s dream speech Malcolm X said, “While King was having a dream, the rest of us Negroes are having a nightmare.” In the 57 years since that speech, most White Americans have grown to celebrate the dream and ignore the nightmare.

There are very few Black people that I know who are…

Stop Faking The Funk: Peeling Back Another Layer of Whiteness in Education In Order to Get On The 1

In music, the term funk is synonymous with George Clinton and Parliament, James Brown, Bootsy Collins, Lyn Collins, and Chaka Khan among so many other black musicians and artists who have transmitted Africanist musical powers over the airwaves in American music. The funk has African foundations. It is derivative Lafuki, meaning positive sweat! Feeling the funk, engaging the funk, expressing the funk. All indicators of what Prince referred to as True Funk Soldiers. When you see it, hear it, feel it…

What Vibranium and Wakanda Reveals about the Potential for Unexploited Blackness

There was an incredible amount of buzz leading up to the opening of Marvel’s Black Panther. As a Marvel fan, I too was looking forward to this film and probably like most Black people, anticipated what the potential cultural impact could be on the community. There is so much to unpack from watching this film! But, what I am mindful of is that it allows us to think about the historical, social, and political erasures of Africa through colonization and re-imagine unexploited blackness.

Pan Africanism is on full display…

Timothy Berry

Interim Dean | School of Urban Education | Metropolitan State University twitter: @tbgroove

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